Teen Refusing to Go to School?

School Mornings Have You Completely Stressed Out Trying to Get Your Teen Up for School?

Stop Stressing! And Instead Create a PLAN That Works!

  • Finally figure out how to motivate your teen!
  • Start learning how to reengage your teenager so they enjoy learning and stick with school!
  • Gain confidence as you parent your reluctant student.
  • And get your teen back on track!

When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal will give you the steps to work with your teenager!

Strategies to Overcome School Refusal
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10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal

When Teens Hate School will teach you the reasons many teens dislike school and how you can positively influence your teen!

Feel Hopeless About Keeping Your Teen In School? Can't Figure Out Why They Dislike School So Much?

You know that your teen needs to stay in school, but you are so done arguing with them. Feel like all your efforts are wasted?

Do You Ever Feel Like This:

1) Mornings are the worst!! You either let your teen sleep and have to make some excuse to the school or fight with them to get up and out the door!

2) You dread starting another school year where you have to worry and stress if your teen is doing their work and staying on top of things!

3) Hate sending your teen to school when they are so anxious, but not sure what to do to solve the problem?

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of families from all backgrounds. And while each family is very unique there are some common themes with most reluctant students! Many parents feel hopeless and like they are failing as a parent!

Do you ever feel like this as a parent:

  • You want to help your teen, but you are not sure what to do? Everything seems to lead to a screaming match!
  • At night, you lay awake worrying what kind of future your teen will have?
  • You worry that you really may be a failure as a parent since "your kids doesn't like school."
  • Oh, and now the school is calling you saying your teen may be filed on as truant!!

As a parent, we want our kids to be successful in school. It can feel like we are failing as parents if our teens aren't doing well in school! It is hard to see where the problem truly lies when everyone is at odds: our teens trying to avoid school and us trying to nag them into doing school!!

When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal is exactly the help you need!

I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of families that have struggled with attendance and truancy issues! In my ebook, I put together the main reasons that teens dislike school. We will cover all the roadblocks to getting your teen back on track in school. Plus, I give you a framework that will help you take a deep breathe, step back, and truly assess your family's situation! Don't stay stuck and in a cycle of nagging and arguing! Get When Teens Hate School so you can finally have clarity on how to have a good school year. And be excited about your teen's future!!

When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal is the Ultimate Guide to figuring out how to get your teen on board with school!

Strategies to Overcome School Refusal
Get INSTANT Access to the 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal!

Here's what you'll get:

  • Book that you can easily read in 2 sittings and start take action quickly.
  • Checklist so that you can easily walk through the steps.
  • Printable Worksheets, including The Back to School Contract because a great school year starts with discussing expectations! With your contract everyone walks away feeling happy that they are getting something they want.
  • Confidence as a parent so that you can clearly see how to motivate YOUR teenager! And you will have more clarity on ALL the ways that your teen is smart so you can encourage them!

What if you finally had no more fighting on school mornings, and you saw your teen start to bloom!

When you read When Teens Hate School : 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal and work through the strategies you will:

1) Finally, have calmer mornings as you and your teen are working together!

2) Feel WAY LESS pressure as a parent, knowing how to guide your unique teen to prepare for their best future!

3) Be able to take a deep breath knowing the mindset shifts needed to make education and learning more than just a grade.

4) Have clarity on why your teenager dreaded school and how to truly help them!

Let's Get You and Your Teen Back on the Same Page!!

Let's take a closer look at what's included & how to use all the amazing features of this product:


Jump into your product right away by downloading your ebook!

When Teens Hate School Ebook makes it easy to get started:

  • Ebook can be read as a PDF on your laptop, phone, or tablet.
  • Read your ebook quickly in 2 sittings. Plenty of actionable tips without the fluff!
  • No waiting! You have access to your ebook immediately so you can start identifying areas where your teen needs the most help!When


As a parent, you are super busy just trying to stay up with everything! So all the worksheets you will need are already included for you!

These customized worksheets will help you process and gain clarity:

  • Worksheets stop the circular arguments! Figure out what your school goals truly are!
  • Teen worksheets will reveal to your teen how much time they really have in a week so they can learn to manage their time better!


The beauty of the school contract is that everyone walks away feeling like they are getting what they want.

The Back to School Contract is included with your purchase:

  • The Back to School Contract gets everyone on the same page as parent and teen discuss school goals and expectations.
  • The Back to School Contract walks you through all the things to consider (evening routines, chores, hobbies, etc...), giving teens lots of suggestions.
  • The Back to School Contract covers more than just grades helping teens get more excited and intentional with their time!

Get When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal now so you can end the arguing and reconnect with your teen

Strategies to Overcome School Refusal

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Get INSTANT Access to 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal now!

Take a peek inside When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal

Here is everything you will receive with When Teens Hate School : 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal!

Stop just waiting for things to change by doing the same things over and over. Make a new plan for this school year!

  • Finally stop feeling so much parent guilt about your teen not liking school! Many teens struggle with school. But you can reframe your tween and teen's middle and high school experience into something better!
  • Get EXCITED with your teen about ALL the ways they can grow and become stronger through their middle school and high school years! Rather than dreading everyday, clarify what is most important to your teen and then put your plans into motion making learning more enjoyable in and out of the classroom.
  • Breathe and have more peace in your home! School success does not have to look the same for every teen. With this ebook, you will finally have a school plan that works for your teen. You and your teen will be on the same page. You will be focused on moving your teen forward on the school goals that are most important, while still leaving room for your teen to bloom and grow in their own unique ways, making for a happier teen! (Yay!!)

What are you waiting for?!
This ebook is ready for you to jump in
and get going!

Your teen can still enjoy learning! And you can stop stressing and have more enjoyable mornings again.

Get INSTANT Access to the When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal now!

As a mom, I know how important it is to feel that your teen is headed the right direction!

Hi, I'm Miranda and my goal is to help you keep your teen in school and to show you how to make learning more relevant and interesting for your teen.

I am a mom to a blended family of 5. We have 3 children, two boys who are grown and on their own. We still homeschool one daughter at home. Our children have been homeschooled as well as attended public and private school. I have taught at homeschool co-ops and explored dual enrollment, community and private colleges when our sons were in high school and college.

For the past 12 years, I have worked with hundreds of families within the public school and online school that have struggled with school attendance and truancy issues through the court ordered classes that I teach. So I have lots and lots of experience. In my ebook, I give you tons of examples from my years of experience working with families. This will give you lots of ideas, plus reassure you that you are not alone. And while each family is unique, there are common themes as to why teens avoid school, that I have run into throughout the years.

PLUS, as a mom, I know that each child is so different. For some school is easy and a perfect fit. While for other teens, school is filled with frustration and stress. I know what it is like to worry if your teen is going to have the skills they need for high school and beyond. But, I have found through both my personal and professional experience a few secrets to discovering how to release some school expectations that don't matter so that you can focus on the education goals that are important!

Learn all my secrets and tips when you grab my ebook, When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcoming School Refusal!

Let's take a closer look at the features of this product

With this step-by-step system, you'll achieve your goals in no time!

Here's what you'll love about this product:

  • My ebook filled with secret strategies based on working with hundreds of families to help you know how to work with your teen...
  • Worksheet printables so you can start defining your goals and gain clarity on what to focus on first...
  • The Back to School Contract Printable to then create a plan that will work for you and your teen...

When Teens Hate School is for you...

You'll LOVE the book if:

  • You have a teen that really dislikes school.
  • Mornings are a bear because you can't get your teen up for school.
  • You want to see your teen enjoy school and not be so stressed or anxious.
  • You just want to be able to go to sleep at night, knowing your teen is on the right path for their future.

This book isn't for you if:

  • You just want the school to do something to fix the problem.
  • You are not ready to help your teen build a few healthy habits.
  • School success only means getting straight A's.
  • You would rather not face the problems head on and make time to sit down and talk with your teen.
Strategies to Overcome School Refusal
Get INSTANT Access to When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal!

Commonly Asked Questions

Have you really worked with hundreds of families?

Yes, I really have worked with hundreds of families, from all types of backgrounds. The secrets tips I share in my book, are the combination of years of experience working with families just like yours.  

How long will it take to read the book, complete the worksheets and fill out The Back to School Contract?

The ebook can easily be read in 2 sittings, so you get plenty of information without the fluff. The printable worksheets will take you an hour or 2 to complete. The Back to School Contract can be completed in one discussion (1 hour or 2) or broken up over a couple days, depending on what works for you and your teen.

How will I get the product after I purchase?

When you click the purchase button you will be taken to a check out where you can pay with Paypal or a credit card. Then you will receive a download. You simply download the book and printables onto a phone, tablet or laptop and start reading.

What all comes with the purchase?

You will receive a downloadable link that has your ebook, checklist, printable worksheets and Back to School Contract for Teens.

Do you offer refunds?

No, you have complete access to the book immediately so I do not offer refunds. .

Here is everything included!

Start making changes today for a better school year starting tomorrow!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase When Teens Hate School: 10 Smart Strategies to Overcome School Refusal!

  • Step-by-step ebook full of real life examples and tips - $10 value
  • Printable Checklist to stay on track - $2 Value
  • Printable Household Schedule and Worksheets - $5
  • Back to School Contract - $5 Value

Total value: $22
Regular price: $12.99

Today's price: $9.98