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Here's what you'll get inside the Parent & Teen Back to School Contract Plan: 

  • 6 page beautiful printable back to school contract for you and your teen to easily fill out together (think circle the best options and fill in the blank:). PLUS, lots of tips on what you and your teen need to chat about to prepare for the school year.
  • Key sections on Evening and Morning Routines, Homework Guidelines, Stress Busters, Fun Goals, Part-time Job and Activity Time, Virtual School, and of course, Social Media Limits.
  • Finally know how to discuss and create a workable school plan that will make mom and teen both happy! You're going to be on top of it this semester! No need to nag your teenager every day to get them up or homework done! With your Back to School Contract Plan discuss and gain control of the areas you need to talk about BEFORE arguments start!
  • You'll love my secret strategies on creating a better morning routine and helping your teen manage their school stress and anxiety!
  • Achieve an amazing school year with calmer mornings and better grades just by taking 1 to 2 hours to discuss expectations and create a plan for school!
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